Catering at the Centre

Our in-house cook and her team provide a daily hot lunch which is made on the premises and caters, as far as possible, for the dietary needs of our clients. We also run a breakfast club and offer a take home sandwich service for clients who wish to participate. Our team also provides additional treats throughout the year, such as cream teas in June to mark Wimbledon fortnight.

An example of a lunch menu for a typical week is given below:


Main: Minced beef cobbler with creamed potatoes, mixed vegetables and leeks

Dessert: Peach flan served with ice cream


Main: Roast pork fillets and apple sauce, roast potatoes, carrots and green beans

Dessert: Semolina and prunes


Main: Sausage rolls, creamed potatoes, baked beans and fresh tomatoes

Dessert: fruit jelly served with ice cream


Main: Chicken hot pot, creamed potatoes, mixed vegetables and green beans

Dessert: Rice pudding and jam


Main: Steak pie, creamed potatoes, leeks and peas

Dessert: Homemade fruit sponge served with custard

I am diabetic and I love the food here. The carers are very particular about what you are allowed to eat” (Winnie, aged 93).

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