April 2022

Since reopening in May 2021, the number of clients attending the centre has steadily increased and is now similar to those prior to the pandemic. Some measures remain in place to ensure a Covid safe environment but our staff and volunteers continue to work hard to ensure that all those attending the centre have a fulfilled and enjoyable day.

May 2021

We were delighted to open the centre again on 17th May in accordance with the Government’s roadmap. Inevitably there have been changes to the way we operate but we continue to work hard to ensure that we will still provide fun, friendship and support to everyone who is able to attend. If you wish to attend please contact the centre for further information.

April 2021

As we move into spring 2021 and the country begins to reopen slowly from lockdown, we are happy to announce that, in accordance with the government roadmap, we are planning to re-open the Saxon Day Centre from 17th May 2021.

Final preparations are underway and staff and volunteers are looking forward to welcoming clients back to the Centre. Providing a Covid-secure environment means that there is a lot that is different from pre-pandemic days but we continue to work hard to ensure that we will still provide fun, friendship and support to everyone who is able to attend.

19th March 2021

This week marks a year since Covid-19 meant we had to close day care services at the Saxon Day Centre. It has been a difficult year and we have missed seeing our clients having fun and enjoying spending time with their peers.

But we have not stood still. With the help of staff and volunteers we spent spring and summer completely refurbishing the centre so that it is Covid secure. Throughout the year we have also worked hard to stay in touch with our Saxon family – clients, their families and carers, as well as staff and volunteers stuck at home.

In October, we were thrilled to be able to reopen in line with government restrictions, even for just a very short period and are now looking forward to reopen again at the earliest possible date– although currently this is unlikely until at least 17th May.

We have relied on our reserves, built up over many years and now severely depleted, supplemented by Lottery Funding, government and local authority grants and as ever, kind donations from supporters within our community. We are immensely grateful for all of this financial support which is still needed to meet the challenges ahead.

We are determined to keep going and are looking at new ways to help support and enable older people in our community to lead healthy and fulfilled lives, in addition to our daycare services at the Saxon Centre.

And we are always looking for people to get involved, so if you would like to join us as a volunteer, or trustee, please do get in touch – you will find more information on our Saxon Team page or call the centre on 01689 830055.

So, THANK YOU to all those involved with the Saxon Day Centre for remaining cheerful and positive during the past difficult 12 months and for working so hard to ensure that when we are able to do so we can welcome everyone back to the centre again.

16th December 2020

Unfortunately, the saxon day centre has had to close again following London’s move to tier 3 and our own risk assessment. We hope that you will appreciate that our clients are vulnerable and we have to put the welfare and safety of both our clients and staff first when making these difficult decisions.

3rd December 2020

The Saxon Day Centre is open again! Please contact the centre if you or your loved ones wish to visit and take advantage of our services.

2nd November 2020

Unfortunately, The Saxon Day Centre has to close again as required by the Government’s latest announcement on 30th October. Please also see our Donate page and consider helping to keep the Saxon Day Centre viable through these difficult times.

19th October 2020 – The Saxon Day Centre is now open!

After months of hard work by staff and volunteers, we are pleased to announce that the Saxon Day Centre is once again open and ready to welcome back those who have been unable to attend the centre since March 17th.

A lot of changes have been made to the facilities and to our procedures since March, to make sure that we have a Covid-secure environment for everyone attending, working at, or visiting the Centre but we are also determined that this ‘new normal’ will not prevent us from continuing to provide a full range of activities to support the physical and mental wellbeing of our clients.

The building may look different but the care and support from our dedicated team of staff and volunteers remains unchanged.

We know there are tough times ahead and we are still looking at ways to ensure the long term future of the Centre but are excited to be able to welcome back those we have missed since lockdown and others in our community who might also enjoy and benefit from the services and care we provide.

Further news and updates will be shared via our social media pages but if you, or someone you know or care for, might be interested in attending the Saxon Day Centre, please contact our Manager, Nicole for further information.

August 2020 – we are working hard to open the centre as soon as we can

Lockdown has been tough but especially so for the frail elderly members of our community, their families and carers. So since temporarily closing the Saxon Day Centre to clients in March, we have endeavoured to keep in touch with everybody by phone and have continued to deal with enquiries about the Centre and to offer support where we can.

As a charity we are dependent on client fees to pay our staff and bills. This is a challenging time but thankfully we have been able to make use of the Government job retention scheme to furlough some of our staff. We are applying for grants where we can, in the hope that we can mitigate our lack of income during this period. Moreover, the Trustees, together with our new Centre Manager, Nicole, and her team have been have been working on a plan to re-open the Centre as soon as this is possible – although initially this is likely to be with (much) reduced client numbers to ensure everyone is kept safe.

It is a huge task to make the Centre and our Day Care services Covid secure. New procedures must be developed and each and every corner of the building thoroughly cleaned. We are also taking the opportunity to redecorate and reorganise, so that when we open the Centre will be brighter and better than before. All this is being achieved because of the hard work and support of our amazing team of staff and volunteers.

Overall this has been a very challenging time but we are determined to continue with our stated vision to offer a thriving and affordable daycare centre and to provide valued services to meet the demand of the elderly in the Orpington & District community.

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