Saxon Day Centre

Here is just a selection of what is said about the Saxon Day Centre.

"I would like to thank you and all your staff for making [my mother's] days with you so enjoyable. Attending the Saxon Centre was a real lifeline - her mobility became so poor that she was otherwise not able to leave her bungalow. She is, as you know, a very sociable lady, enjoys company and activity, and without the Saxon Centre she would have been totally isolated.

I would without any hesitation recommend the Saxon Centre as a valuable and to many people, a vital, facility, without which their lives would be greatly diminished. Many old people suffer mobility restrictions and loneliness becomes a major problem for them. The Saxon Centre provides the essential company and social activity level for people who would otherwise suffer a reduced quality of life. Long may you be able to continue this work."

“This is a wonderful place. I enjoy all the facilities. I have my hair done. There is so much to do here." (Pamela, aged 70)

“When your mobility is restricted, you can’t get out like you used to. When you’ve always been active it’s an absolute nightmare having no one around to talk to. By coming here you are able to talk to people which is better than being stuck at home. I’ve increased my days here to two days which breaks up the week nicely" (Pat, aged 83).

“Welfare got us a place two years ago. We enjoy everything at the centre. The staff and guests can’t do enough for you and are all so pleasant. We use the specially adapted baths here when we can. Since Reg broke his hip, then followed by a stroke, he can’t manage a bath easily at home" (Sylvia, aged 85, and Reginald, aged 92).

“The doctor got Margaret a place due to her rheumatoid arthritis. I originally came because I was Margaret’s carer. Now my son is our carer. We’ve been attending for three years, one day a week. We like meeting people and seeing the regulars here. We miss the people when they’re not here" (Margaret, aged 89, and Eric, aged 94).

"I am diabetic and I love the food here. The carers are very particular about what you are allowed to eat" (Winnie, aged 93).

“I like the exercise. It gives me a bit of energy. I like the entertainment. I like a laugh and a sing song. The Fashion Show was absolutely terrific. I can’t emphasise enough how much I enjoyed it" (Walter, aged 86).

“The transport getting here is very good. I’ve been coming here a few years for one day a week. I like getting out of doors to come here. I like the company. I enjoy Rusty’s quiz most of all" (Donald, aged 79)

"I go to the centre every day to cover duties such as driving the mini-bus, washing the mini-bus, topping up the tuck trolley - any odd jobs that come my way. I get a lot out of my time helping the client group and staff." (Rick, volunteer)

“I’ve been coming here for three years now. I like the pool table, the armchair exercise and the skittles because they help with my multiple sclerosis and arthritis. You name it, I’ve got it" (Douglas, aged 82).